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Our Wine Selection

Great wine starts with a great grape, and our grapes are the finest in the region. Our signature wines capture the true essence of the terroir in which the fruit is grown. Each wine provides a wonderful intensity of fruit, texture and mouthfeel, making it easy to pair and enjoy.

Wine Bottle


Do you want to make a nice evening extra special? We suggest you share a bottle of Merlot with someone you love. This fabulous wine is a meal in itself and is best served near a fireplace by candlelight. Check out our inventory or contact one of our representatives to see where you can purchase this delicious wine.

Red Wine Bottle


Our Shiraz is a delicate combination between mouthfeel and flavor. It’s among our most popular wines and is currently available in limited quantities at a special rate. Check out what’s in stock to see how many more bottles are available or contact one of our representatives if you’re interested in taking one home. We are happy to serve you.

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